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The world’s largest cargo aircraft- “Antonov An-225 Mriya”.

With technological advancements, there has been an invention of many oversized planes that are being used for carrying massive payloads and with each passing day, there is an ongoing research and development going on for making the planes even bigger in size so that it can be used for many other large scale uses. There are many oversized planes that have been designed in different country by the world’s largest cargo aircraft is known as the “Antonov An-225 Mriya”. It is a plane with futuristic designs that can carry huge payloads as it is considered as the heaviest and longest airplane that has even been built in the world. This plane was built in the year 1988 and it started its operation on 21st December and till date it has 240 aviation records in terms of its size, length, weight and other important components. The world’s largest cargo aircraft was developed by the Antonov design Bureau in the Kiev and it is powered by six turbofan engines that has the capability of carrying about 640 tons of cargoes including huge equipments and vehicles. The wingspan of this aircraft is 88.4 meters which is considered to the largest in comparison with any of the aircraft that has been in operation till date. This aircraft has also undergone modernization where some new electronic equipments and navigation system was added to it for enhancing its overall performance and functionality. Apart from being the heaviest aircraft that has been built ever, this aircraft also holds the title of the largest wingspan of aircraft that is in service at the present times. It is also used for heavy lift jobs across the globe as it can hold a cargo capacity of 1,100 cubic meters and payload of 250 tons which makes it the largest cargo aircraft in the world. Antonov An-225 Mriya truly deserves the title of being called the world’s largest cargo aircraft because it can fly for about 18 hours without the need of refueling it as it has outstanding freight capabilities that allows it to fly at the speed of 500mph. Another important features worth mentioning about this aircraft is that it comes with high powered turbo jet engines for giving enough thrust for allowing this large sized aircraft to fly swiftly. The landing gear of this aircraft is of 32 wheels that allows the evenly distribution of the weight of Antonov AN-225 and its door size is 10 meters by 7 meters. Hence it can also called as the largest operational aircraft with regards to its length as well as its wingspan as it can be used for many huge projects as it can complete the tasks very easily and efficiently. It is also be used for space games as it is being used in china for launching satellite as there are some design and development changes with this aircraft to make it more functional as it will be used in space and it will help the satellite launch industry in numerous ways and there are research going on to put it into further uses due to its huge size.
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